Why and Where You Should Buy League of Legends Accounts

League of Legends

Gaming has become a vital part of gamers’ life. People are investing their time and money in a number of video games to give themselves some recreational activity that they can truly enjoy while also getting a sense of achievement. One such game that is ruling the hearts is League of Legends. Whether young or old, many people are into this game. However, playing it is not as satisfying as getting past various levels. One has to get past the threshold to enter ranked player list. The ones who reach level 30, they get ranked for teams and getting there at the earliest is something that everyone aims at.

Where Buy League of Legends Accounts? Those who buy League of Legends account, the game tend to get more exciting from there. It is also the best and the fastest way to level up.

Switch Regions Easily

A major reason why many gamers consider buying a LOL Smurf Accounts is that it allows them to easily switch regions. The most competitive region in terms of skill is the EUW and many wish to play with the players of this region to put their own skills to test. So, if you are playing on EU server, you cannot play together with players in the USA playing on the NA servers and this is unfair. Your LoL account lets you buy a server transfer, allowing you to make the switch and back as and when you like.

Save Money While Buying Champs

If you see the ratio, majority of smurf LoL accounts come with 20,000+ BE that can be used to buy four third tier legendary champs. Each third tier legendary champ cost you around about $36 and the price that you pay for a smurf LoL account is usually less than $30. This way you can level up without spending too much money. In certain accounts you can also unlock over 20 champs and this saves you from the hassle of farming the BE or using your cash to buy them.

League of Legends Smurfs

Play With Friends by Resetting Ranks

When a league of legend account is bought, you are able to begin the game from scratch because all the accounts are unranked. It is extremely beneficial for those who had a bad set of placement matches. You can easily try again and even play with friends who have just joined the game. With an original account, the chances are that you will be provided with high risk games and you certainly wouldn’t like to play those with new players. An account buy can help you rest your rank and then you can play at the same skill level as your family and friends.

Get Out of ELO Hell

ELO hell prevents players from levelling up and most LoL players get stuck in it because of sheer bad luck or due to poor co-players. You can definitely spend weeks or months on end to improve your results but sometimes it is much better to start from the scratch. LoL accounts are unranked, at level 30 or have enough BE to purchase the needed 20 champs for ranked play.

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