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FAQ Regarding League of Legends Unranked NA Account

League of Legends has over 120 million active players, and that is a data taken in Nov 2020, which obviously means that the current no of active players of League of Legends is even higher. Obviously, having 120 million players on a single server is actually impossible, at least in the present times; that is why League of Legends has a no of servers for their customers to choose from, like League of Legends NA, NA here means North America. And yes, when playing League of Legends, it is essential to take into account the server you are playing in.
Agata Smurf is the premier place for one to buy League of Legends accounts online at the best possible price in the market; whether you are looking for an unranked NA account or looking for a smurf account in one of the other servers, you can easily buy the perfect package for your needs at Agata Smurf, as we have categorized our assortment on the basis of servers and well the other necessary requirements for your convenience.
We understand that you may have queries regarding the same; that is why we have an in-house support team working 24/7 to sort out your queries and provide excellent customer support.
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