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FAQ Regarding League of Legends EUW Unranked Accounts

Yes, it is entirely possible to have their League of Legends accounts banned if they are not careful in their transactions. Creating a smurf account is not something illegal, but when it comes to trading the same account, League of Legends frown upon these types of trades and take a heavy-handed approach and ban multiple accounts a day that does this type of transactions. One has to be careful when buying or selling their League of Legends account, and one of the easiest ways to do that is not to buy a LOL account from a site that does regular auctions for the same. It is relatively easy for the League of Legends team to ban players who are buying accounts from an auction site as the traffic for that would be quite higher than usual.
Agata Smurf provides an opportunity to its users to not only just buy an euw unranked League of Legends accounts at a reasonable price, but we have also categorized our assortment in different servers category for their convenience. Now, if you want to buy League of Legends EUW unranked accounts for sale, you can easily do that with Agata Smurf; at Agata Smurf, we not only believe in providing excellent products, but excellence in our service is a code we strictly adhere to as well.
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